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Glow Putt-Putt
Jump City
Glow Skate
Glow Arcade

Their Backyard

Admission: $10
Includes Glow Skate, Glow Putt-Putt, & Glow Jump

(skate rental included in admission)

Pizza slice & Lg. Drink $5.00
Whole pizza $15.00
Breadsticks $5.00
Nachos $5.00
Hamburger & fries $8.00
Fries $3.00
  with cheese $4.00

Sm $2.50
Md. $3.50
Lg.  $4.50
Family Meal Deal $20
Lg. Pizza, 2 ltr. Drink, Breadsticks and $10 glow tokens for use in the arcade.